Ever been at an event where you know it’s going to be great but then the unexpected happens? It happened once to us where somehow I ended up at a private Kanye West gig in Cannes accompanies by Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Di Caprio. When Golddigger came on, West pulled Foxx up on stage to perform as it was meant to be seen.

The same happened to a chap named Robbie Johnson who was at an Olivia Newton-John gig. Little did he know that John Travolta was in the audience too and then before he knew it, he was responsible for filming one of the greatest musical moments when Newton John invited Travolta up on stage to relive ‘You’re the One that I want’ from the 1978 movie Grease.

If you’re a fan of the movie, this is a must watch. They’ve still got it even 36 years after the fact! There’s no information on where the gig happened or when it did but it went live on Robbie Johnson’s Facebook page 3 days ago. Thank you Robbie!


Post by Robbie Johnson.