Yes, that title couldn’t be any clearer than it already is.  In the follow-up to the summer smash hit, The Expendables, we may end up seeing the return of Steve Austin.  You know, the guy that kicked Stallone’s ass and *spoiler* then ended up being shot twice*end of spoiler.*  Yeah, that guy.

Well according to Bruce Willis, who Sly is hounding for a larger role in the sequel, Stone Cold himself may end up returning to kick some more ass and, if I had anything to do with it, would use the stunner on someone.

Via a press junket that ComingSoon attended for Red, Willis stated the following:

“I talked to Sly and he’s going for all the marbles this time, and he’s going to get everybody in this time,” he told us. “Even Stone Cold Steve Austin who took two bullets in the last film, he’s coming back, too. Hopefully, they’ll start shooting it while we’re young enough to survive.”
What are your thoughts on a possible return of Steve Austin?