Nia Vardalos, whose My Big Fat Greek Wedding catapulted her to fame eight years ago,  is set to write and star in a new comedy film for Walden Media (Ramona and Beezus, The Chronicles of Narna).

The film, tentatively titled Happy Mother’s Day will be fast-tracked into production, though a director is yet to be found.

Variety are reporting that Happy Mother’s Day will revolve around four suburban mums who decide to take a road trip for Mother’s Day.

Vardalos went onto say,

It’s about the pressure of doing it all: raising children plus working, while your gut’s held in by Spanx.

Happy Mother’s Day sounds like a project with potential. Whether that potential will be realised by whoever is hired to helm, is yet to be seen. Vardalos’s fame was a bit of a double edged sword as she has arguably been held down by her initial success, as a very short lived sitcom based on her Big Fat Greek family and last year’s Driving Aphrodite attest.