Jessica Biel - Rules_Of_Attraction

The Hollywood Reporter today broke news that will be sure to tarnish the image of squeaky clean (yawn inspiring) gym bunny Jessica Biel.  Jess has signed on to produce and star in Julia Brownell’s debut feature F*cking Engaged.  The ‘raunchy comedy’ centres around a couple who pledge to have sex every day in the approach to their wedding to avoid turning into their parents.  It sounds hilarious.

Biel, currently shooting her role as sassy Carissa Sosa in the new A-Team Movie, will next be seen in romantic comedy Nailed alongside Catherine Keener and Jake Gyllenhall.  We hold out more hope for this and for the spring release of ensemble comedy Valentine’s Day in which she will reportedly appear.  Nevertheless, tabloids worldwide will be delighted they may finally (and explicitly) confirm that Jessica Biel is engaged.  Jess herself might also be rather glad of a role where she can reprise some of the more creative moves she showcased as sexually enthusiastic Lara in Roger Avary’s The Rules of Attraction (pictured above).  In fact on, what looks to be, a good day for the gossip rags and a good day for Biel, it is only the audience who may lament …

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