New trailer time for Tintin and there’s a whole lot of One Boy and his Dog to enjoy here as the release date for the 3D Mo-captravaganza from Messrs. Spielberg and Jackson draws ever closer.

What’s gratifying on the new posters has the names of writers Stephen Moffat, Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright prominently displayed alongside the Producer and Director and I’m certainly hoping for big things from this talented trio.

Ben saw the film earlier this week and his thoughts are up here, and there’s certainly something very enticing about a new Spielberg action movie. In the UK we’ll have our chance to see the film on the 26th of October with a December release for the States.

Here are your posters and a new trailer, anticipation frenzy-whipped yet?

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The Playlist threw us the trailer bone while IMPA did the poster thing with the usual aplomb.