The Raindance Film Festival lineup got some one crowded out by all the London Film Festival announcements yesterday but it most definitely should not be overlooked. This is the place where loads of awesome indie get to come and get noticed. One of the movies playing at the festival is called Incredibly Small and the director, Dean Peterson emailed me yesterday to give me a heads up on the trailer and poster that has been released for the movie.

The cast includes Susan Burke, Stephen Gurewitz, Alex Karpovsky, Amy Seimetz, Alex Rennie, Bob Byington, Ron Lynch, Darlene Westgor, Dave Mercer, Charles Hubbell and Eric Hisle.

Incredibly Small focuses around a couple Anne (Burke) and Amir (Gurewitz) who decide to move in together after graduating at their university. Amir has been left to find the accommodation and what he finds is somewhat inadequate and miniature!

Synopsis: Two recent college graduates, Anne, an ambitious law student and Amir, an aimless escalator attendant and aspiring sculptor move into a 300 square foot apartment and try to start a life together. But the combination of their small apartment, their threateningly handsome neighbor across the hall and unexpected visitors from the past make them realize that maybe they aren’t as perfect for each other as they previously had thought.

I love the comedic nature of the movie, the talent of the cast that really shines through and the awesome soundtrack which I hope stays in the final cut. Check out the new trailer below the rather cool poster.

Incredibly Small debuts at the Raindance Film Festival, Saturday 9th October 18:45pm. Click here for more info. The official website for Incredibly Small can be found here.