With filming now underway on Zack Synder’s Superman reboot, The Man of Steel, it’s little surprise that set photos are beginning to leak out showing some of the film’s locations. OK, so they’re not quite as thrilling as that first shot of Henry Cavill in character, but they still give us a glimpse at what to expect from what will undoubtedly be one of 2013’s biggest blockbusters.

As a reboot of the Superman franchise charting our hero’s origins, a portion of the film will of course be set in Smallville – with locations in Illinois currently playing the part of Clark Kent’s adopted hometown. These latest pictures show a van branded with the words Smallville Sentinel (the small-town newspaper that gives young Clark his first taste of life as a reporter, perhaps?), the Kent family home, and what appears to be a crater in a cornfield. Your first instinct might be that is the site of baby Kal-El’s arrival on Earth, but that looks like a pretty small crater – particularly when you bear in mind the scale of the devastation wrought by his arrival in the 1978 movie, so maybe it’s something else…

All will be revealed when The Man of Steel is released in June 2013.

(Via IGN)