Coriolanus is a modern day retelling of the Shakespeare play by the same name.  It also happens to be Ralph Fiennes directorial debut. 30 Ninjas is hosting the official blog of the film and has loads of exclusive content to bring you up to date on this film.  Today they posted two new photos from the set that you can view below.

The story centers around Coriolanus, who in the original play is a Roman General who fights for his country, but despises it’s people.  His iron clad code of honor almost assures him a seat on the Consul but open contempt for the people end up costing him the seat.  Turning his back on his home, he heads for the land of his sworn enemy who must decide between fighting side by side with his enemy or destroying him.

Fiennes version of the story has it set as a present day telling and he has assembled quite the cast & crew for his first outing as a director.  Vanessa Redgrave, Gerard Butler, Brian Cox all star in the film.  Barry Ackroyd is serving as the Director of Photography so I expect to see scene similar to The Hurt Locker & The Green Zone  in terms of gritty but engrossing filming.

We’ll definitely be keeping our ears to the ground for news on this one.  Keep your eyes here for the latest updates.

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