I’m all for the wholesale plundering of fairy tales and giving toys a pulse, but I find it odd when studios feel the need to spend their considerable resources on a realistic CG world.

This clip from Disney’s latest 3D CG fest, Mars Needs Moms, looks decent, with the world and the characters rendered with great skill, but it begs the question why they made this film in a computer – this clip, more than most admittedly, illustrates this.

It’s all I could think of. They have the facial expressions spot on – a team of actors and computer wizards¬† probably spent days on that patronising smirk I’ve screencapped and added as the title picture for this post, but an actor could have done that in a second. Their realistic cat is the most realistic cat I’ve seen for a while, hey – the fabrics and textures are very convincing, but why bother? It’s halfway between a zombie uprising and a lightning storm at a house of wax.

Anyway here’s a clip. If you weren’t already on the phone booking your tickets this ain’t going to change your mind…



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