Another day, another batch of on set photos to emerge from Russell Brand’s latest, the remake of the Dudley Moore classic Arthur.

The new pics show off another iconic vehicle thrown into the mix (see the previous installments of this unofficial set diary saga with the Batmobile here, and the images of Brand and cohort Luis Guzmán as Batman and Robin here), and this one is sure to appeal the nostalgically inclinced.

As you’ll see from the pics below Brand is messing around with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, complete with OUTATIME plates, though I can’t see evidence of a working flux capacitor and one can assume that the appearance has everything to do with Brand’s Arthur buying up a set of movie vehicles and not indicative of time travel in the movie (although this prompts the image of Guzmán as Doc Brown which is always fun).

So, here are the pictures,

These are from Splash via The Daily Mail (which makes twice in a day I link to them. Never again)