Once again Berlin comes up trumps, and the next film we have to look forward from the Centurion director Neil Marshall is the story of a novelist who retreats to a haunted house to complete her latest novel, and whose presence evokes the titular Ghost of Slaughterford.

Marshall is pulling on his Exec Producer trousers and his second unit director on the forthcoming Centurion, Ian D. Fleming is taking the directing reins and the news from Berlin is that UK firm Intandem Films is looking to back the pair’s chiller.

The movie is expected to begin production in June and Fleming and Marshall seem perfectly suited to this dark tale, and Intandem will surely hope to build on the success of Marshall low-budget, effective horror sensibilities with Slaughterford. While the story may be an amalgam of horror staples there’s plenty to look forward to from this film.

THR had the report, and casting is expected to be announced shortly.