To celebrate the release of Sandylands Season 2, now showing on Gold, we were lucky enough to catch the star of the show Natalie Dew.

The show follows 27-year-old Emily Verma, who heads back to the titular seaside town after the death of her estranged father. However, it turns out he has merely faked his death to claim the insurance money. Following the calamitous Season 1 finale, where and her father Limesh are paddling out to sea to escape an insurance salesman, Season 2 starts with Emily and Limesh washing up back on the shores of Sandylands. Things go from bad to worse as Emily’s fortune-seeking mother Donna turns up to for her share of the money…

We spoke with lead actress Natalie Dew about coming back to Sandylands, the wonderfully
weird characters of the show, and the brilliantly bizarre world of British beach towns. Oh, and of course, the strange allure of squirrels in your loft.