More pictures from the set of Andrew Niccol’s latest dalliance with genetic advancements in the future continue to emerge, with a few small spoilers emerging as well as a look at the look of the film through its costume design.

Called simply Now (which suffers a small, but nevertheless tangible, loss of identity when compared to its previous title: I’m.mortal) the aging gene has been switched off and time is literally money – Justin Timberlake kidnaps rich Amanda Seyfried and runs riot.

Cillian Murphy, Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Wilde join the ride and, in a nice twist, play the parents of the two co-stars, despite being the same age as their offspring. There’s a weird sense of Back to the Future 2015 in some of the designs evidenced below, and there’s not a whole lot to explain what’s going on, or why the pretty young things are cavorting around Timberlake as they pass him on the street. We’ll find out in September 2011 when the film hits the big screens.

Here are the pics, with the potential spoiler filled image the seventh and final picture below,

Dear God, it was The Daily Mail who threw these up.