Resident Evil: AfterlifeMore bullet spitting vengeance in a post apocalyptic Earth for us today with zombies aplenty and only Milla Jovovich standing in the way of the planet becoming an all you can eat  buffet for the undead.

Though the zombie craze has officially passed into the realms of parody thanks to Seth Grahame-Smith there’s still a twitch of life in the corpse of Resident Evil with the latest installment, Retribution, getting a new trailer today.

Jovovich returns to front the film with Paul W. S. Anderson back behind the camera. It’s in 3D so expect weapons flung and blood to flow in your general direction.

The Devil’s Eyes uploaded the trailer from AOTS and it’s not great quality, so if you need to see every drop of zombie slobber in HD then you would do well to wait for the official release which is expected sometime later today.

Here’s the trailer, preceded by a twenty second advert for Sony. Seriously, I’ve never seen product placement so blatant.

[Update: You can now watch the trailer in HD if you head over to YouTube below, as well as in 3D!]

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