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This week sees the release of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Movies about both giant robots and giant monsters have been a genre mainstay over the last 60 years, and Pacific Rim hopes to mix the best of both worlds, as Earth seeks to defend itself by alien invaders with the use of giant pilot-controlled robots. Who will prevail? Who are the kings of the giants?

Welcome to our battle royale, as we pit five monster movies against five robot movies, grading each on story and spectacle. The team with the highest combined score will be declared the winner. Fight!

The Robots



Probably the first movie that comes to mind when you mention giant robots now, Michael Bay hoped to take advantage of cutting edge CGI to bring the 80’s favourites to life.

What began as an interesting story about a kid and his talking car ended as an overblown orgy of indecipherable action scenes and puerile humour. Whilst the first film was far tighter than its subsequent sequels, it was still a bit of a slog to sit through, with irritating, shallow characters throughout.

The action, though, was what you’ve come to expect from Michael Bay. Loud and flashy, the Transformers were certainly brought to life in a way we’d never experienced before. There was a little too much flash cutting, and many of the transformation sequences were simply a blur of colour, but it brought hope of great sequels to come…

Story [Rating:2/5]

Spectacle [Rating:4/5]

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