90’s Disney box office success, The Mighty Ducks, could be set for a revival with a new TV series on the franchise being in the works at ABC signature studios.

With a script yet to be written for the TV show, there are no cast members attached. Whether Estevez will be returning to reprise his role is still to be discussed.

Original trilogy screenwriter Steven Brill has been appointed to pen the script in-house at ABC Signature. Brillstein Entertainment’s George Heller and Brad Petrigala will, like Brill, be credited as executive producers.

Directed by Stephen Herek and starring Emilio Estevez, the original film followed the reckless young lawyer Gordon Bombay (Estevez) after he gets arrested for drunk driving, he must coach a kids hockey team for his community service. Gordon has experience on the ice but isn’t eager to return to hockey. A point hit home by his tense dealings with his own former coach, Jack Reilly (Lane Smith). The reluctant Gordon eventually grows to appreciate his team, which includes promising young Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) and leads them to take on Reilly’s tough players.

No information regarding whether the TV series will follow on from the original motion pictures or whether the series will be a reboot as the process is in very early development. The plan is by ABC signature is to approach the streaming services for its release.

The box office success of the original lead to a further two sequels and in 1996, the franchise was brought to the small screen in the form of an animation, it consisted of 26 episodes and ended in 2004.