Doctor Who fans have made their voices heard in the months since Jodie Whittaker was announced to take over the reins as The Thirteenth Docto. She takes over the role from Peter Capaldi, making her the first woman to step into the role of the iconic Timelord. And according to a man that previously starred in the role, Matt Smith, her casting is exactly what that show is about, being bold in its approach.

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HeyUGuys’ own Scott Davies spoke to Matt Smith, who played the eleventh incarnation of the Timelord for three years, on the red carpet of the premiere of The Crown season 2 in which he portrays a younger version of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

We couldn’t resist asking the actor what he thought of Jodie Whittaker’s casting to which he replied was “brilliant”.

“I think it’s a really bold and brilliant, and a perfect bit if casting actually, I think it is exactly what the show thrives on and does really well on those big bold broad brush strokes that are dangerous and exciting. First and foremost she is a fabulous actor, I can’t wait.”

Watch the video of the chat below.

The new season of Doctor Who will run across a ten week period kicking off in the autumn of 2018, each episode will run at fifty minutes in length.

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Smith will soon be seen yet again in season 2 of the Netflix original series, The Crown opposite Claire Foy as Elizabeth II as the pair not only gets to grips with being the head of the monarchy but also Phillip’s wondering eye for a beautiful woman causing tension within the Royal marriage.

The Crown season 2 will air from December 8th