I know this is a random thing to say, but for me, when I hear the name Nina Simone, I think of The Assassin which starred Gabriel Byrne and Bridget Fonda. While just looking at it on IMDb, I’ve just found out it was called The Point of No Return in the US. The things I learn doing these posts!

Anyway! The reason I think of that movie is that Fonda’s character is completely in love with anything Simone does and every time I hear the song, Feeling Good, I think of The Assassin (now to be known to me as The Point of No Return!). Why am I writing this drivel?! Well, I’ll tell you, Reuters have just announced (via Yahoo) that Mary J. Blige is set to play Simone in a biopic which is to be called ‘Nina’. This news comes from Cannes which is currently taking place in the South of France. HeyUGuys are there and you can keep track of all our coverage here.

According to Yahoo, the biopic will be directed by Cynthia Mort (who also wrote the script) and the movie will focus on Simone’s relationship with her assistant Clifton Henderson, who will be played by David Oyelowo.