More photos from the set of Zack Synder’s Superman: Man of Steel have appeared online, but unlike many of the most recent images that have featured Henry Cavill in full costume as the Last Son of Krypton, this latest batch show him as Clark Kent, albeit looking somewhat apprehensive and considerably more beardy than we’ve come to expect from the usually mild-mannered, clean-cut character.

From what we can gather by these photos, it seems as if Clark has fallen on hard times; aside from his beard, he’s wearing worn, shapeless clothes and to make matters worse it’s raining on him. Yes, it seems even super-powered Kryptonians have bad days.

Still, it does look like he’s found a new friend to help him through his darkest days – a dog can be seen on set with Cavill in one of the pictures. No word yet as to whether this is intended to be a new interpretation of Krypto the Superdog…

The Man of Steel hits cinemas in June 2013.

(via Collider)