When DreamWorks’ third outing for the Madagascar gang premiered at Cannes it proved a strange sight on La Croisette.

The film has already made an absolute mint and it looks likely that this won’t be the last time we join the merry band of animals on their long way home. As well as the circusbound antics this time around there are a few new faces joining the regular cast. Martin Short (a sea-lion), Jessica Chastain (a Jaguar) and the ever excellent Bryan Cranston lend their voices to the film, Cranston in particular looks like being a lot of fun as the Russian tiger Vitaly.

The main draw for the films has always been the cast DreamWorks pull together and now that this is the third adventure both the actors and the writers appear to have the character dynamics as honed as the physical comedy on display.

It is the first film in the series to be presented in 3D, something which is quickly becoming the norm for the latest animation releases, however it was also converted to IMAX and this move may have contributed to the 2m box office haul it has enjoyed even before it has made it over to these shores.

Before we show you the latest trailer for the film you can find out more from film’s website here, or if you’re on Facebook there’s a home for you here. If you want to humiliate your friends (in a nice way…) you can download the iPhone app Wig Out which is available for free here. You can guess what the app allows you to do I’m sure…

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