Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 heist movie directed by Steven Soderbergh. This US movie is about a large-scale theft in Las Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven is a remake of 1960’s Ocean’s 11. This must-see film starred Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Angie Dickinson.

The Plot – What Is Ocean’s Eleven About? Would Casino Players Enjoy It?

Ocean’s Eleven begins with Danny Ocean being released from prison. After a major theft, Danny had to serve several years and is now on parole. But he has nothing to do with probation and immediately plans the next big robbery. The destination is the Bellagio, one of the most famous casino hotels in the world. The planned robbery is made attractive by the fact that the casino owner Terry-Benedigt is also bunkering the earnings of two other famous casinos in the Bellagio’s vault. If all goes well, Danny’s plan can loot the proceeds from the Bellagio, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and the Mirage. Overall, the shrewd thief expects a profit of over 160 million dollars.

However, the way to this great treasure is not easy, because there is a modern safe that is protected with numerous security systems. In addition, the safe is housed in a bunker at a depth of 60 meters. The only option would be to transport the money directly through the casino. But first of all, it would be necessary to get the money out of the safe in the first place. But Danny has a plan.

Danny Builds His Team!

In prison, the trained crook had plenty of time to think about a suitable team for the robbery. The film shows the qualities of the various participants in a very nice sequence. Danny puts together a team of 11 for the robbery. Hence the title of the film. The crime team consists of his friend Rusty Ryan, car specialists Virgil and Turk Malloy, pyrotechnician Basher Tarr, pickpocket Linus Caldwell, electronics engineer Livingston Dell, Chinese circus acrobat Yen, croupier Frank Catton and a seasoned casino expert Saul Bloom.

But the most important person is still missing: Reuben Tishkoff. The former casino owner should finance the coup. However, he initially refuses. However, when Danny and Rusty explain that they are Terry Benedict’s casinos, Tishkoff changes his mind, because the entrepreneur still has a score to settle with Benedict after he took a Las Vegas hotel from him in a not entirely clean way.

The next section of this impressive casino film is all about preparing for theft. To do this, the team creates a replica of the vault that is true to the original, on which the burglars, especially the Acrobat Yen, can practice. Livingston Dell also manages to hack the Bellagio’s surveillance system. Thus, it is possible to study the processes in the casino in detail. This is important as the money has to be carried out through the casino.


What’s the Scheme?

The grand scheme is nearly called off when Rusty discovers that Tess, Danny’s ex-wife, is Terry Benedict’s girlfriend and runs the giant casino’s art gallery. Rusty suspects that it’s not primarily about the money, but about a personal vendetta. Danny admits this when confronted with this accusation, but insists that the plan is still a good one and everyone involved could get rich, just as ample fortune opportunities as non GamStop casinos offer. Rusty finally gives in and doesn’t let the plan burst.

The Strategy

An important part of the strategy is a major diversionary tactic. On the night of the theft, Rusty calls Terry Benedict and claims he’s about to be robbed. Benedict thinks it’s a bad joke, but when the pictures in his surveillance room show the robbery, he panics. Rusty offers to keep $80 million in the vault in exchange for allowing the team to take $80 million with them freely. This is definitely more than any player can get from non GamStop casinos or other gambling sites.

Benedict appears to agree, but immediately calls the police and arranges for the car with the alleged loot to be stopped at the airport by his own security guards. However, it turns out that there are only paper slips in the van. A recording was running in the surveillance center that the team had made in the replica vault. Meanwhile, the burglar team is only on the way to the safe, but disguised as a SWAT team. The casino staff mistook the black uniforms for the police who had been summoned. The robbery succeeds and the burglars can escape unmolested through the casino with the full 160 million. Particularly impressive: Terry Benedict looks on unsuspectingly as the supposed police officers transport the stolen goods.

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Preparations for the Robbery

During the preparations for the robbery, Danny already had various contacts with his ex-wife Tess. Benedict noticed this and even made sure that Danny was beaten up in one scene. Since Benedict knows exactly who he is dealing with, he suspects Danny Ocean as the author of the robbery. In a one-to-one conversation, Danny hints that he could bring all the money back if Benedict would give up Tess for it. However, Danny made sure that Tess can observe this conversation. When Tess realizes that Benedict is willing to give up her for the money, she is extremely disappointed. Tess leaves Benedict and gets back together with Danny.

However, there is no perfect happy ending at first, because Danny Ocean is arrested. However, it is not about the robbery, but about a violation of his strict probation requirements. Ocean shouldn’t have traveled to Nevada and therefore has to go to prison again for 6 months. When he is released, Tess and Rusty are outside the jail to pick him up. As they drive away together, the final scene shows the trio being followed. Terry Benedict hasn’t given up his money yet.

How Does This Movie Touches GamStop Players?

Since all gamers have at one time dreamed of robbing a casino, non GamStop casinos host an unlimited number of games based on this theme, including Sticky Bandits and Thief, Cups. However, this can only be acceptable when it is a slot gaming theme, while, in reality, this can’t happen! There are plenty of algorithms, laws and systems designed to protect casinos not on GamStop from theft, insolvency and game bugs that result in huge gains for players.