The Gambler is a 2014 American film directed by Rupert Wyatt and starring Mark Wahlberg. The film is a remake of the 1974 film of the same name starring James Caan.

The Plot – What Makes Gambler Movie Ideal For Non GamStop Casinos Players!

Jim Bennett is “The Gambler“, a gambling addicted literature professor in Los Angeles. His addiction goes so far that he even gambles away the great inheritance of his grandfather Ed and ends up with a huge mountain of debt.

To make matters worse, Bennett doesn’t only play in legal non GamStop casinos. So, the debt ultimately becomes a security problem for his entire family.

After various attempts to borrow the money from the loan shark Frank to at least buy some time, he manages to convince his wealthy mother to lend him $260,000. But instead of using this money to pay off his debts, he gambles away the entire sum in a single visit to the casino.

The Gambler UK PosterJim has the student Amy in one of his courses, whom he certifies as having great talent as a writer. Amy is attracted to Jim, but Jim’s negative outlook on life makes it difficult to approach. In the same class as Amy is Lamar, a basketball player who dreams of an NBA career.

One of his shady lenders kidnaps Jim and threatens to kill Amy. To prevent this, Jim is tasked with getting Lamar to win a given game by a margin of no more than 7 points. Lamar agrees to the deal after Jim promises him $150,000.

Even after this action, a large mountain of debt remains. Ultimately, Jim gets Frank to loan him $260,000. However, Frank makes it clear that he will kill Jim’s entire personal circle if Jim doesn’t pay back the money. In the end, it all boils down to a grand showdown, with Jim going all-out at roulette to win to pay off his debt in full. He wins and stops playing. Instead, he walks halfway across town to Amy’s.

The Actors – Who Is Playing?

Jim is played by Mark Wahlberg. His mother, Roberta, is portrayed by Jessica Lange. John Goodman plays Frank, a loan shark. Alvin Ing plays Lee, the operator of some famous casinos in Las Vegas and non GamStop casinos as well. George Kennedy plays Jim’s grandfather Ed. Amy is portrayed by Brie Larson.

What Role Does Gambling Play in The Gambler? What Games Are There?

Jim Bennett is only interested in real gambling. Poker doesn’t seem to be of interest to The Gambler because of this. The most important game in the film is the classic roulette. Particularly exciting is the showdown as Jim gambles for his future and the future of those closest to him at the roulette table. But blackjack also occurs. There is a strategic part to this game, but ultimately the luck factor also decides on success. An important detail not to be overlooked: Jim Bennett doesn’t think much of himself or of life itself. This is the main reason why he is willing to take big risks, for example also in non GamStop casinos.

Where The Film Was Shot?

The Gambler was filmed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Known filming locations included the USC Galen Center, the Playboy Mansion, and the University of Southern California.

Key scenes take place in illegal casinos, but some of the big non GamStop casinos also make an appearance, at least marginally. But the famous Las Vegas Strip only plays a supporting role in The Gambler. There are other casino movies that focus on Las Vegas. The most famous and best example is Casino by Martin Scorsese.


George Kennedy is one of the most distinguished supporting actors in American cinema history. The famous actor last appeared in The Gambler as Jim Bennett’s grandfather. George Kennedy passed away in 2016 at the age of 91.

Non GamStop Casinos Players Must See This Movie Because…

… the potential madness of gambling is impressively demonstrated. The Gambler is one of those casino movies that is primarily about gambling addiction.

At its core, however, it is a character study. Jim Bennett has gambled, but there’s a reason for that. Jim is not particularly enthusiastic about his life and there is something self-destructive about gambling. Only through Amy does a different perspective slowly develop. Ultimately, it is his new girlfriend that makes him give up gambling.

What is remarkable, however, is that he puts everything on one card beforehand, including his girlfriend’s life.

Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett very impressively. He is believed to be willing to take big risks. Jessica Lange and John Goodman are also convincing in their roles. The film has a first-class cast, but it’s not always easy to bear. The showdown finally brings the hoped-for salvation and the desired happy ending.