Taken 2 posterLiam Neeson returns once more this year following the astounding success of 2008’s Taken for a sequel few expected to be realized – kidnapping films don’t get sequels too often. But action films do, and Taken was a huge success.

Colombiana’s Olivier Megaton is behind the camera this time around, and having had the first good look at the film during the week with the first trailer’s debut, a new poster has made its way online featuring Neeson front and centre, tall, dark, and brooding.

“In Taken 2, Neeson returns as Bryan Mills, the CIA agent with “a particular set of skills” for hunting down bad guys, but this time his daughter (Maggie Grace) has to help rescue him when associates of the villains he killed the first time around decide to get their revenge.”

Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen reprise their roles as daughter and wife from the first film, along with Leland Orser, and a new villain in the form of Rade Šerbedžija, well known for his brilliant performance as Boris (‘The Blade’) in Snatch.

Luc Besson, the eternally-awesome writer-director, is once more the man behind the words, co-writing the script with Robert Mark Kamen (Taken).

Taken 2 will be hitting the big screen this autumn on 5th October in the UK and US. As usual with this new poster, you can click to enlarge.

Taken 2 poster


Source: via IMP Awards.