Kiefer Sutherland, the legendary Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor, is set to star in upcoming heist comedy, Sleight of Hand, Variety reports.

The film will start production this summer, and is set to be sold at Cannes this month.

Director Brad Mirman is will be taking the helm, and Sutherland has recently been working with him on a ten-part web series, The Confession, in which Sutherland stars as a hitman opposite John Hurt’s priest in a confessional, each episode about five to ten minutes long. Whilst I’m yet to see the series, the premise certainly has me intrigued, and a mental note has been made to see what Mirman’s writing and directing skills are like.

Sleight of Hand has also pulled a number of other big names, with the ensemble internationally cast, including Gérard Depardieu (Mesrine), Thomas Jane (TV’s Hung), Til Schweiger (Inglourious Basterds), comedian Jon Lovitz (Rat Race), and Eric Cantona (Looking For Eric).

The film will see,

“a crew of small-time crooks in Paris who inadvertently end up possesing a rare gold coin belonging to a notorious French gangster.”

With such a great cast already attached, the project sounds like it’s already shaping up to be a lot of fun. And as a heist comedy, it should give us a chance to see a different side to Sutherland than the all-guns-a-blazin’ Jack Bauer we’re so familiar with on 24. Sutherland will next be back on the big screen in September with Melancholia, which premieres at Cannes, and everything we’ve seen about it so far looks brilliant. Sutherland may have hung up his role as Jack Bauer (at least until the 24 movie is made), but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be pausing for breath anytime soon.