John Hughes is pretty much a legend to those who grew up through the 80s. He was the man responsible for coming-of-age classics such as Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and many more including one of which is getting a remake, The Great Outdoors which originally starred Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.

Almost twenty years after the Howard Deutch directed original was released, it has now been confirmed that a remake is in the works with the pint-sized force of silly comedy nature, Kevin Hart well and truly attached to star. In what capacity of character, we don’t know as yet, but we dread to think which character he could possible ruin.

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Hughes penned the original but Randall Green has been brought on board to give the script a 21st century make-over, the synopsis for the Aykroyd and Candy version read;

It’s vacation time for outdoorsy Chicago man Chet Ripley, along with his wife, Connie, and their two kids, Buck and Ben. But a serene weekend of fishing at a Wisconsin lakeside cabin gets crashed by Connie’s obnoxious brother-in-law, Roman Craig (Dan Aykroyd), his wife, Kate, and the couple’s two daughters. As the excursion wears on, the Ripley’s find themselves at odds with the stuffy Craig family.

The Great OutdoorsA co-star for Hart, who will be teaming up again with Dwayne Johnson later on this year in the Jumanji sequel, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and director are yet to be announced but both Michael De Luca is producing for Michael De Luca Productions with Hart producing through his Hartbeat Productions banner.

With the constant announcements of remake after reboot after rehash surfacing this year we have to question, has Hollywood really lost its original creativity or is it just all now to just fill out there already bulging bank accounts? Surely there has to be a time when audiences say enough is enough. What are your thoughts?