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Last week, a select few reporters were invited to the set of Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie. We sadly weren’t among them, but after that logo reveal and news on Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, we’ve scored the web for all the latest on the movie and compiled it here!

Warner Bros. allowed those who attended to share an unprecedented amount of details, including the scoop on the villain, story, and things like which character delivers the most laughs. That’s right, after the very dark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it appears as if this movie is going to feature a huge tonal shift by taking things in a lighter direction.

So, for everything you need to know about what to expect from next November’s Justice League, click through the slide below.

There are some possible spoilers for the movie here, but no more than what you’ll no doubt end up seeing in trailers and the like pretty soon.

10. The Story Revolves Around The Quest For Three Mother Boxes

Mother Box

In a deleted scene from Batman v Superman, three cubes could be seen floating in the air while Lex Luthor was communicating with a mysterious alien figure. It has now been confirmed that those were Mother Boxes, and in the comic books, they’re used by the New Gods of both Apokolips and New Genesis.

Essentially, these are alien supercomputers which allow the user to either teleport throughout the universe or manipulate energy. The point is, they’re extremely powerful, and in Justice League, the team will be racing to find them before the movie’s villain can.

One is on Earth, one is in Atlantis, and one is hidden in Themyscira. It’s said that a flashback at the start will flesh out how they ended up here.

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  • Barrie Bullock

    I enjoyed the previous film & I’m also looking forward to this one.

  • Vos_L

    Frankly, this sounds like a snooze fest. Wake me up when Snyder is no longer involved in these movies.