Every so often you leave a cinema having seen a performance and you think ‘well, that’s the Oscar wrapped up’ – and that was exactly how we felt after seeing Renée Zellweger’s astonishing turn in Judy, a biopic of the screen legend, Dorothy herself, Judy Garland. It’s a career-best for the actress, and naturally, we were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to sit down and discuss this wonderful role. Naturally we speak about the process of becoming such an icon, and whether she too gets nervous before a big shoot. We can’t help but discuss a potential Bridget Jones sequel, too.

It wasn’t just Zellweger we were lucky to speak to, as we also sat down with her on-screen ex-husband, played by Rufus Sewell, as well as the film’s director Rupert Goold, who talks about the process in finding his ‘Judy’.

Watch all three of our interview below:

Judy is released in cinemas on October 4th