Jude-Law-Side-EffectsIn what is supposedly Steven Soderbergh’s final, theatrical stint in the director’s chair, Side Effects his our cinemas on Friday March 8 – and ahead of the films release, we were fortunate to sit down with lead star Jude Law.

Law plays Dr. Jonathan Banks, who attempts to get to the bottom of a controversial case, whereby a patient (Rooney Mara) is under the influence of an anti-depressant drug prescribed to her by the bewildered doctor.

Law discusses his role and how he wants audiences to respond to the obsessive character, as well as talking about his second time working with Soderbergh, talks about how the proposed Werner Herzog movie Queen of the Desert  is no longer happening (or is on the back-burner) but delves into his upcoming Wes Anderson project, while also recalling a little anecdote related to The Goonies, a film we know all too well…

Side Effects is in UK cinemas this Friday 8th March. See all our coverage of the movie including trailers and our review here.

The Goonies Anecdote