Jessica-Chastain-in-Zero-Dark-ThirtyReturning to the camera following the epic conclusion of The Dark Knight Trilogy last year, Christopher Nolan has been setting up his next project, Interstellar, brilliantly in the past few months.

Matthew McConaughey was the first cast member to be announced back in March, and was soon followed by Anne Hatahway last month, making for an awesome leading duo for the sci-fi blockbuster.

And now Deadline are reporting that Jessica Chastain is in talks to come on board, and would be taking the third lead.

Very little is known about the film and the specifics of the plot, with all involved keeping a tight lid on things, as you can imagine. And this remains what we know so far:

The film will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.

Chastain is coming off the back of an Oscar-nominated performance in Kathryn Bigelow’s acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty, marking her second nomination following The Help at the start of last year.

She’s since starred in the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror movie, Mama, and is set to be seen in the two-part film, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, later this year. With Chastain set to reunite with Emma Stone on the Guillermo del Toro-directed Crimson Peak, co-starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlie Hunnam, her upcoming slate is naturally looking awesome.

Add Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar to that list, and the excitement increases exponentially.

The film marks an uncommon collaboration with Paramount and Warner Bros., with the former first commissioning the treatment through Lynda Obst after Steven Spielberg became interested in Caltech physicist Kip S. Thorne’s work on wormholes. Spielberg set Jonathan Nolan to pen the script. And after Spielberg left the director’s chair, Jonathan Nolan’s brother (and frequent collaborator) Christopher Nolan came on board in his place.

He’ll be directing from a script he’s written himself, merging an original idea of his own with his brother’s script.

Interstellar is set to be released in regular and IMAX theatres on November 7th, 2014. And you’d better believe that it’s going to be one of the biggest films of next year.