News comes in from the Los Angeles Times that master of the quick-cut and Ridley Scott’s younger brother, Tony Scott is considering directing the latest John Grisham adaptation, ‘The Associate’.

This looks like a safe career move for Scott with John Grisham’s previous films all performing well at the box office and this one has been penned by Oscar-winning scribe William Monahan (whose own directorial debut London Boulevard is due out in the UK in October). Box-office man of the moment Shia LaBeouf is also attached to take the starring role.

At 66, Scott doesn’t show any signs of slowing down – he has recently finished shooting action drama Unstoppable, starring regular collaborator Denzel Washington, and has two other titles in pre-production.

Although he’s a solid choice to deliver material of this nature, I would love to see him step outside his comfort zone and take on something akin to True Romance again. Maybe this film (which will probably do decent business, given the Grisham association) will afford him the opportunity to do just that.