There comes a time in a gamers life were you just have to sit and wonder what the future could bring. With that in mind, I’m sure gamers out there like me have been wondering what could they possible do for the next generation of gaming consoles. The easy answer to that is graphics. Since the very first ‘console war’ graphics have been at the forefront of the battlefield.

So, PS4 and the Xbox 720 are rumbling in the distance ready to charge forth with their new HD 10,00000,00000000p graphics that would put photos to shame. Or will they? Rumours have been spreading that the PS4 will be using “off the shelf” components, rather than continuing to use their awkward Cell Processors. Official PlayStation Magazine have decided to buy these off the shelf components and build their own PS4. The results are quite away from what I was imagining to be playing in 2013/14.

If you like a bit of DIY then you too can probably make your very own PS4. OPM used an AMD A8 3850 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics card, which if this IGN report is true, is exactly what the PS4 will be using.

Head over to OPM to see the results for yourself.