John Cleese - Planes

When you sit down to interview one of your very favourite actors – and a true national treasure – the very last thing you want to occur, is to say something that may encourage the talent to moan and rant away. However in this instance, interviewing John Cleese for his upcoming role in Planes, such a response was wholeheartedly embraced, as elements of his infamous comic creation Basil Fawlty were on show, it a hugely memorable interview experience.

Discussing (albeit briefly) his role as Bulldog in the Disney feature, he tells us what it is about animations that he loves so much, claiming them to be the most fun work he currently takes on. He also tells us of his own personal influences, before he gets in to a full on moan about flying. It would appear that Mr. Cleese is not quite a fan of this particular mode of transport…

Planes is out in cinemas on August 16, and you can read our review here.