Have you ever come home from the movies inspired to spruce up your surroundings? Cinema is often seen as a reflection of the world we live in, but it can often lead us to new places, giving us a vision of the future.

The sight of Tom Cruise sporting a pair of Ray bans in 1983’s Risky Business gave a huge boost to the company. Though Cameron Frye’s house from Ferris Bueller took five years to sell, it remains an iconic location for film fans and architects alike. Diane Keaton used her own wardrobe in 1977’s Annie Hall and inspired a new phase of women’s fashion. There are numerous examples of how cinema’s visual stylings influences the audience. If it’s on the big screen, pretty soon you’ll see in it the home.

Beginning in the bedroom you could polish up a brass bed and recreate the famous sequences from Bedrooms and Broomsticks (magic not included) or head to Bed SOS for the perfect place to enjoy your late night movies.

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If you want something to really tie the room together then get yourself the rug which does exactly that. Here is complete guide to giving your living space that dose of stoner chic the Coens so perfectly conveyed. Just make sure you lock the door. And if you really, (and we mean really) want to recreate the look – check this out.

One of our favourite sites on this subject is Film and Furniture who have, for your delectation, a rug which perfectly matches the powerful symmetry of the carpet in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic The Shining. Check out their page for more info.

The Shining

But it’s not just the new surroundings you’ll need – how about the new you? Back to Audrey…

Hubert de Givenchy  created Audrey Hepburn’s classic black dress, which is as famous as the film in which it was featured. There can be no more iconic way to walk into a movie than to meander down 5th Avenue in MichyLouDotCom’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired dress holding a bag of croissants and coffee with the whole world at your feet. For more on this, perhaps the most famous of film costumes, check out the always insightful Clothes on Film.

Or, if you’re looking to look to the future (well… now it’s the past, technically…) get yourself on a Back to The Future Hoverboard, and strap on a pair of Nike’s 2016 Back to The Future MAGs, cheap at only £20,000!

Don’t worry about the cost – just make sure to bag a copy of Gray’s Sports Almanac (1950 – 2000 edition).


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