Independence Day: Resurgence is the brand new title of the second Independence Day movie. At a press conference last night which we were at, Fox revealed the new title along with some other juicy details that we got to find out on our set visit.

Here’s everything we learned along with the photos.

We Have a Title:

Roland Emmerich began the press conference by announcing the title of the 2nd volume of Independence Day.

Independence Day Resurgence.

“I hate sequels,” Emmerich said “So this film is a reboot, a re-imagination. With the idea we have we are doing something different. We are passing it to a new generation and it’s done respectfully and this is the perfect time.”

Why Now? 

Emmerich: “When filming 2012, I realized with the technological advances we have made we could do something so big and so great, we just needed the story. But now we have a script. This doesn’t feel like a sequel. We are expanding the universe, We live in a new world, new times and with the technology we have to get this done and with this cast and this story. Now is the time”

Did Jeff Goldblum divulge too much?

Goldblum: “My character has progressed greatly and led the way to making everyone on the planet safe. With the previous circumstances borders are no longer relevant like we have known them to be. The technology we found from the downed ships creates a new playing field for the film.”

Will Smith’s absence?

Emmerich: “Will Smith was originally very excited to be a part of this. But he grew to be tired of being a part of sequels and he wasn’t interested in another Father/Son Sci-fi story. At first I was disappointed. But several friends pointed out this was a great opportunity to do something new. It took me 3 years but in the end we figured it out. We are extremely respectful in how we handle it. But how we really approach it is a hand over from one generation to the other.”

Is Jessie Usher Ready to Fill Will’s shoes?

Usher: “Of course Smith is a huge influence for my character since he is his Father. Due to that fact with what he did in the original my character is under a tremendous shadow. You can only imagine what being the son of the World’s savior must be like. But he takes it for what it is and runs with it.

Maika Monroe Might Own this Movie

The star of the indie smash hit “It Follows” will play the daughter of the former President (originally played by Bill Pullman) Patricia Whitmore.  “My character has a lot of bad ass potential. I have a lot to live up to in my Dad’s shadow. My goal is to make him proud, I can’t say much more”

The New World is Run by a Lady

Sela Ward will be playing the role of President of the United States and she is up for the challenge. “First of all we need to thank the forward thinking, non sexist, socially responsible Roland Emmerich for casting a female President. My President is entirely different. It’s an entirely different landscape, a different time. She’s tough, decisive, aggressive. It’s a different climate and a different movie.

The Chemistry between Judd Hirsch and Jeff Goldblum is still electric

Some of the most memorable scenes of the original is any time these two actors grace the screen together. During the press conference Hirsch and Goldblum recalled the many takes and the creative freedom they were given by improving many of their scenes together in the film. The love and respect they have for each other took over the press conference and quickly became the highlight. Perhaps a sign of what may be one of the greatest things to look forward to in the film.

Liam Hemsworth is Definitely the Star

“This whole experience is surreal. The original came out when I was 6 years old, and now I am here surrounded by the original cast. We have incredible set pieces and it’s most kid’s dream to go to work to play with spaceships all day long and I get to do that. Then there are the people like these actors and a director like Roland, who I’ve been such a big fan of for so long and to come to work and to be with these people and to learn from these people. It’s a blessing. I’m so happy to come to work everyday.

Roland Loves His Characters

“I’ve learned over the years people don’t care about the visuals if they don’t care about the characters. I’ve been more inclined to the visuals, but I have learned to be more focused on my characters. That’s why I believe in this film. It’s a film filled with great people and great stories and great characters.”

Set Photos