There have been a great deal of trailers released so far this year showcasing the good and bad of films of 2011 and so far nothing has really caught my eye and engaged my eagerness as much as this Video Game trailer for the upcoming Zombie game “Dead Island”.

As far as trailers go, Dead Island offers far more than most movie trailers have delivered in 2011 and many years before. It offers a stunningly unique, truly captivating and emotionally hitting example of how to sell a product and really highlights the quality that can be delivered from the gaming sector. The music, the brief snippets of screams and growls and the dire events really make a memorable impact, it’s stunning.

As a self confessed Zombie fanatic, The Dead Island trailer gives you a perfect example of what Zombie rules should be followed. Kids and Bellboys are not immune from being turned into walking dead, don’t try be a hero, do not perv at bikini clad Z’s and give us some gore…lots of gore. The game appears to be a first person shooter and gives you the chance to pick up almost any kind of item to use as a weapon to stay alive, there is no release date yet but when it does come out I’ll be sure to grab a copy to get my Zombie killing fix.

Check out the trailer below, be warned it is very gory and some may find it disturbing. also below is the trailer in chronological order which isn’t as effective but it’s none the less enjoyable.