Having sat down with Iko Uwais to mark the release of The Raid 2, it was for another Indonesian martial arts thriller that prompted our second meeting, to promote the release of Headshot, out in cinemas across the UK on March 3rd.

It was during a hot afternoon at the Toronto International Film Festival (you can tell he’s more used to the heat than us Brits) where we discussed the latest endeavour, as he explains what attracted him to this movie and the exhausting nature of shooting films so action orientated.

HeadshotRelying on his interpreter for the crux of the interview, Uwais also talks about his choreography and having full artistic licence in that regard. He also speaks about whether his life has changed following the huge success of The Raid, and whether or not we will see a third entry into the franchise. He also talks about how the films have impacted the Indonesian film industry.

Finally, we couldn’t help but ask about his experiences shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which he describes as being an ‘honour’.

Headshot is released on March 3rd.