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Money Supermarket have created yet another fantastic featured post looking at numerous superheroes from the Marvel and DC Comic book franchises. They’ve created credit cards based around many of our favourite heroes and looked at all the different criteria that would be required for use by each character.

I’ve placed a few of my favourites below but click here to head to to see the entire lot.

Note: All of the credit cards and offers below are for entertainment purposes only and should not be confused with any actual products.

Captain Americard Credit Card

Our most secure credit card with free Fraud Shield Protection, this red, white and blue credit card is made from chemically altered steel. For convenience the card not only doubles as a wallet sized shield – At the press of the chip the card expands to form a 12 inch shield for fending off persistent sales assistants. The card is also aero-dynamically designed so it can be thrown for an almost instant balance of power transfer.

Is this the right card for you?

The credit card lender suggests this is best suited if:

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You must be a resident of the USA
  • You must be the absolute pinnacle of human physical perfection
  • Villains need not apply

Special features

  • Fraud Shield protection
  • Built in 12” Shield Defence
  • Chemically altered steel
  • Aerodynamic design
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