I Love America

I Love America is a charming new romantic comedy, launching on Prime Video – and to mark this joyous occasion, we had the pleasure in interview the leading stars, Sophie Marceau, Colin Woodell and Djanis Bouzyani, as well as director Lisa Azuelos. Below you can find all interviews in their entirety as we discuss the themes of the movie and whether they too view America like a movie set. Marceau looks back across her wonderful career, Azuelos speaks about the remarkable soundtrack in the movie, while Woodell talks about his recent collaboration with Michael Bay in Ambulance. And finally, Bouzyani talks about playing a drag queen, and what that experience was like for him.

Sophie Marceau & Lisa Azuelos

Colin Woodell

Djanis Bouzyani


I Love America follows the adventures of Lisa (Sophie Marceau) who decides to transform her life by leaving Paris for Los Angeles. Her children have left the family nest and her famous mother, absent throughout her life, has just died: Lisa therefore needs a fresh start! She reunites with her best friend Luka (Djanis Bouzyani) who has made a name for himself professionally in America by opening a famous drag queen bar, but his love life is as complicated as it is prolific. Luka makes it his mission to help Lisa revive her long dormant love life by creating a profile for her on a dating app. Through uncomfortable dates and an unexpected romance with John (Colin Woodell), Lisa finds out that the real reckoning is with herself, if she can finally forgive the person who was her first love… her mother.
 I Love America premieres globally on April 29 on Prime Video.