Hugh Jackman is shaking off the shackles of his X-Men persona, Logan and re-immersing himself back into Hollywood in a political role as the frontrunner in the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination politician Gary Hart in The Frontrunner.

Jackman only this year hung up his Wolverine claws in what can be seen as Logan’s most emotional and greatest outing, now he will don the cap of a political leader who was rocked by shame when his extramarital affair with Diane Rice saw Hart having to concede his nomination.

Based on the 2014 book from political journalist Matt Bai, All the Truth is Out, the story focuses on Hart’s meteoric rise and dramatic fall as he sought the nation’s highest office. Massachusetts Gov. Mike Dukakis, who had been trailing Hart, wound up landing the Democratic nomination. He eventually lost to George Bush. But the Hart story proved to be a turning point in American politics and the media, ushering in the tabloid age where personal indiscretions became fair game. Before Hart, the media turned a blind eye to the infidelities of politicians. The screenplay is written by Bai former Hillary Clinton press secretary Jay Carson (House of Cards) and Jason Reitman.

The Frontrunner

Directed and produced by Jason Reitman, a director, screenwriter and producer who first stepped onto the political platform with Thank You for Smoking in 2006 and was responsible for Juno. Reitman is currently in production on the Charlize Theron led Tully.

Jackman will next be seen on the big screen in The Greatest Showman playing circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. Jackman, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.