High roller casinos are defined as those that allow players to make larger than usual bets. There is no specific definition of what constitutes a high roller, although typically casinos would class those that wager around £100 or more per hand as high rollers. There are various perks offered to high rollers by casinos to tempt them to return. People who regularly bet large sums of money in one particular casino can expect to receive a number of perks, which might include free luxury accommodation, transport to the casino by private jet and complimentary food and drink throughout the stay.

The higher the amounts being gambled, the better the perks are likely to be. People love to watch high rollers play – the thrill of watching someone risking thousands of dollars on a single have of cards cannot be beaten. Many filmmakers tap into this desire to watch high rollers by featuring casino scenes in movies, allowing the audiences to experience the excitement for themselves as they watch characters risking everything.

Rain Man

One of the most famous high-stakes blackjack scenes ever featured in a movie has to be the one from Rain Man. The film, which centres around the reforging of a relationship between a man and his autistic brother, shows the two main characters heading to Las Vegas after Charlie discovers his brother Raymond has the ability to count cards. This ability results n the two brothers walking away with thousands of dollars after playing high-stakes blackjack. High-stakes blackjack is widely available in the UK through BetVictor Casino – you can read a review here to find out more. The melancholy nature of the relationship between Charlie and Raymond has a poignancy that resonated with audiences, heightened by the tension created in the casino scene.

High Roller Stu Unger

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

High Roller: the Stu Ungar Story is a docudrama following the life of Stu Ungar, who became famous for being the first person in the history of the World Series of poker championships to win three Main Events. The tragedy of the story is that Ungar’s addiction to gambling would eventually result in him losing everything after betting all his winnings on horse racing. The movie portrays the whole life of the infamous gambler, sharing his hedonistic, thrill-seeking highs with the audience before documenting his meteoric fall from being one of poker’s biggest winners.

casino royale

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of the best-loved films in the James Bond franchise and features 007 at one of the places he seems most at home – the high-stakes tables in a casino. In this film, Bond must defeat Le Chiffre, a terrorist financier who wants to use his winnings to fund attacks. Bond uses his tried and tested bluffing strategies to not only walk away from the table victorious, but also managing to take down Le Chiffre’s entire terrorist empire in the process.



Rounders as is known for its all-star cast as it is for its tense gambling scenes. The storyline revolves around a character portrayed by a young Matt Damon, who decides to risk everything at the poker table to try and win enough to pay his fees for university. The culmination of the film takes place at a high-stakes table, with nail-biting intensity as we wait to see whether Damon will be successful in his ploy. Outstanding performances from names such s Edward Norton, John Malkovich, Bill Camp and Martin Landau make Rounders a must-watch, even for those with no interest in poker.

Casino Scorsese


As the name suggests, the film Casino centres around the running of a casino. This may sound simple, until we see the casino is being run by the mafia. Casino is a tense drama that poses insights into the workings of the criminal underbelly of seventies Las Vegas, at a time when crime lords were running the show. We see Robert de Niro’s character struggle as he tries to distance himself from the mafia and go clean, with all the trials and errors that he encounters along the way. Director Martin Scorsese delivers exactly the type of dark, addictive drama he is best-known for, with plenty of action-packed moments interspersed with poignant character interactions.

Casinos have been used to good effect in many movies over the years, whether featuring high-rollers, stag weekends or simply characters chancing their luck. A casino scene can be used to create tension and intensity for the audience and help show different sides to characters. Having characters play at high-stakes tables in a casino also provides fantastic opportunities for the wardrobe department, dressing the men in tuxedos and the women in glamorous dresses and jewels. Filmmakers often use the tension that naturally builds during a casino scene as a metaphor for other aspects of their character’s lives, introducing subtle sub-plots and accentuating other areas of the storyline.