If you missed part 1 of HeyUGuys Goes to Pixar and Wondercon, check it out here for more info, then come back here….

This evening (USA time), I got to head over to Pixar for a very special screening. As you may have seen from the last video, we had no idea what it would be but I had an incling that it might be Cars 2…… I was wrong! It was the Lee Unkrich directed Toy Story 3!!!

So, click play below to find out what I thought of the movie and if I think you should see it. There are absolutely no spoilers in this video and no plotlines talked about so fear not, I don’t tell you anything that may spoil it for you.

Tomorrow I think I’m interviewing some of the guys at Pixar who worked on the movie. If you have any questions, send them through in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find out the answers for you.