Gaming is an area that Jon and I have been talking about an awful lot over the past few months. There is so much cross-over between movies and gaming and over the course of the two years which HeyUGuys has been around, we’ve posted news items about games which have sat in the “Movies” section of the website.

It was our two year birthday on Sunday and now we feel we’re ready for gaming to be a brand new section on HeyUGuys. We’re looking to team with some already established gaming websites who know far more about the gaming side of things than we do.

I have a massive interest in games and always have but since HeyUGuys started, finding time to play anything has always been an issue. I used to work for Electronic Arts playing computer games for a living while talking to other game players in the customer support division of EA and I loved every minute of it. Since then, my gaming has fallen to playing games on the iPhone when I get time but I have decided that part of my time will be spent on this gaming section trying to keep up to date with the latest trends and new releases that are coming out.

My personal favourite games from yesteryear (since that is when I last played them properly) are:

  • PC: Medal of Honor, Counterstrike, Command & Conquer Generals and Company of Heroes.
  • XBox: Fifa 2010, Halo

As you can see, I’m a little out of date but I hope this will change very soon!

To keep the movie news separate, we have created a brand new Twitter feed called @HeyUGuysGaming where you can follow all our gaming news. Sometimes tweets will go onto our usual @HeyUGuysBlog feed depending on what they are.

I hope you enjoy this gaming section and we hope that we’ll make many new friends by opening up this sector of the entertainment industry. So, join the twitter, engage in discussion, tell us where we should be looking and let’s get gaming!!