The one (and probably only) stand out from DC’s Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, is leaving her squad members firmly in the dust. As well as the forthcoming spin-off movie for the character, a new animated TV series has been commissioned by Warner Bros.

The studio, who will release Harley Quinn, the series on their own DC-branded direct to consumer digital platform, has put in an order for a 26 episode adult animated action comedy series that will be penned by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey who all served as executive producers on Powerless.

The series will focus on Harley Quinn, who finally has broken things off with the Joker once and for all and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City. The show will also feature Poison Ivy and a whole cast of heroes and villains, old and new, from the DC Universe.

After Margot Robbie’s turn as the colourful villainess in Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, she tops the studio’s list to voice the character but as yet has not been approached to take part. Halpern, Schumacker and Lorey will all serve as executive producers alongside Warner Bros. president of Animation and Digital services, Sam Register.

Before her descent into madness, Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a promising psychiatrist assigned to Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s home for the criminally insane. But after meeting the Joker, the young doctor became obsessed with the crazed criminal’s warped mind. Sensing opportunity, the Joker manipulated her, driving his therapist so mad that he was able to control her. Harleen fell in love with the villain, broke him out of Arkham and devoted her life to making him happy and spreading his bloody brand of mayhem.

Warner Bros. currently has in development a Joker and Harley Quinn spin-off which has been described as a “criminal love story,” according to one source, featuring the two lunatic killers who are cornerstones in the Batman mythos. One insider offered this: “an insane and twisted love story. When Harry Met Sally on Benzedrine.”