Halo 1 Remake on the way?Hmm.

‘Industry chatter’ is suggesting that 343 Industries has been tasked with making a flashy new reboot of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Games Master magazine is reporting that Microsoft’s newly-formed internal Halo-dedicated studio is planning on remaking Bungie’s classic Xbox shooter using the Halo: Reach engine, in a bid to tide gamers over until the next official Halo installment in late 2012.

Add that gossip to Eurogamer‘s recent news that UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill is keen on the idea too, and it’s looking likely.

“I imagine it’s a good idea,” McGill said. “I think some people want to go back to older games and see them revisited and I think a lot of developers want to see that too.”

If the rumours play out, the updated glossy Halo would be released around the tenth anniversary of the original which single-handedly saved the Xbox’s original launch from disaster.

The Wii’s recent Goldeneye revamp certainly proved there’s mileage in a retro update, but we can’t help but fear they’re spending more time trying to live up to Bungie’s shadow than striding out on their own – what do you think?