Arin-Alldridge-in-Hackney's-FinestLaunched on Kickstarter last month, upcoming British gangster film, Hackney’s Finest, is heading for the last hurdles on its path to distribution.

The two-month production was completed earlier in the year, and is just shy of its £6,000 goal over on Kickstarter, with a little under a week left on the clock.

To help whet your appetite, a new extended trailer has landed online, giving a good look at what’s to come. And though some of the accents feel a little off – though, having never been to Hackney, take that with a pinch of salt – it looks like a kind of Lock, Stock fifteen years on.

Hackney’s Finest is a lighthearted journey into the dark underbelly of London. A fast-paced crime thriller, packed with intrigue, corruption, dirty police, Afghan heroin smugglers, Welsh-Jamaican arms dealers and Eastern-European skinheads!

A ruthless police detective plans to steal a shipment of heroin from a motley crew of small time dealers. And what begins as an ordinary day for most of them, quickly spirals out of control as the deadly trap is set…

Nathanael Wiseman (Shame the Devil) leads the cast, starring alongside Enoch Frost (Skyfall, Outpost, Shifty), Arin Alldridge (The Bill, The Hunt for Gollum), Neerja Naik (Life Goes On, Sold), Malcolm Tomlinson (Emmerdale), Sean Cronin (The World is Not Enough), Marlon G Day, Rajan Sharma, Katarina Gellin (EastEnders, The Inbetweeners Movie), Chris Dingli, and Jeanette Rourke, with a cameo from Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me).

Chris Bouchard (The Hunt for Gollum) makes his feature debut at the helm, directing from a script by Thorin Seex.

The project has a wide range of pledge levels on Kickstarter, with £10 getting you a limited edition postcard, £25 buying you a copy of the DVD (expected next summer), right on through to £5,000 earning you an Associate Producer credit on the movie.

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