Despite already having some impressive work to his name before being hired by Marvel Studios, James Gunn still exceeded everyone’s expectations with Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, things could have panned out very differently for the filmmaker. During a recent Facebook Q&A, Gunn was asked to weigh in on the DC Films Universe, and he would go on to confirm that he’s actually been approached to direct DC Comics adaptations in the past.

“I thought there was some amazing action sequences in ‘Man of Steel,’ but I haven’t seen the other two films,” Gunn said, referring to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and this month’s Suicide Squad. “I’ve had opportunities to make DC films, but I haven’t said yes to anything, and not sure I would at this time. I’ve talked before about which projects appeal to me the most IF I was into making one, and it’s always Shazam and Metal Men and Swamp Thing and Johan Hex and a few other DC IPs I’ve enjoyed for a great deal of my life.”

Asked which female character he’d most like to direct, he revealed a surprising choice: “Maybe Batgirl. Cassandra Cain version.” The original Batgirl still hasn’t made her big screen debut, but this is still a very interesting suggestion by Gunn. Will it ever happen? It’s probably unlikely, but should the opportunity present itself, it’s good to know he’s interested!

For now though, the filmmaker has his hands full with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, the next instalment of which will be released next May. The DC Films Universe would certainly benefit from his presence, but you’d best believe Marvel will try to hold on to him…