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This Monday sees the home entertainment release of sci-fi action pic The 5th Wave, kicking off #WaverWeek.

Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Cassie, a young lady racing to preserve the life of her younger brother against the backdrop of successive waves of alien attacks. Beginning her life as an action heroine in Kick-Ass Moretz leads The 5th Wave as a feisty, fearless young woman, discovering her own strength when places against a seemingly unstoppable alien threat.

Moretz’ Cassie joins the ranks of cinema’s great action heroines, and whilst these ranks aren’t as large as they rightfully should be, there are some truly enduring characters amongst them.

The 5th Wave is out on Blu-ray and DVD today, get your copy for a #WaversWeek watchalong – join in on Twitter at 8.30pm this Friday.

You can win a copy of The 5th Wave on Blu-ray right here.

the 5th wave

Nikita (Nikita)


Luc Besson’s 1990 action thriller saw Anne Parillaud as the titular Nikita. A drug-addled, troubled teen, Nikita is arrested when she kills a cop during a robbery gone wrong. Rather than go to trial, however, she is given a choice – the death sentence, or training to become an assassin. Nikita chooses the latter, and after two years of rigorous training, is sent on her first assignment.

Nikita is as stylish as she is deadly. She soon realises, however, that she is unable to work as a hit-woman whilst living a normal life. As deadly and effective an assassin as she is, however, she is also a reluctant one. Having learned the error of her ways, she wants to begin her rehabilitation in the real world, away from lies and shadows.

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