As a man of 30, I had the privilege of witnessing the ascent of some of Hollywood’s most iconic cinema idols as they rose.  Throughout the late 80’s and into the 90’s, filmmaking had evolved and new, original movies were dominating the silver screen.  We got everything from Beetlejuice to The Usual Suspects; it was a very exciting time.  It introduced the careers of current idols-in-the-making like Leonardo DiCaprio and Julianne Moore, while solidifying the clout of veterans like Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep.

Though, you could argue that one incredible performer became one of the most fascinating actresses of her generation.  Susan Sarandon had already started establishing herself as a powerful box office player by the time the 90’s kicked off, but it was the early part of that decade that started a long and impressive run of iconic performances which would propel her into legendary status.  Her undeniable screen presence was a marvel to behold, whether the work called for a stripped-down, emotionally raw character, or a sultry, mesmerizing siren.

More than that, she hasn’t missed a beat as the years have gone by.  She still commands most every scene in which she appears, and she’s carved out a career that any actor or actress could ever dream of having.

With her latest film, The Calling, out on DVD and Digital HD from the 16th of February we’re going to take a look at six of her best roles.  Although it’s a tricky task for anybody, we think we’ve narrowed it down to some of her best work.

Let’s get started.



Joel Schumacher’s adaptation of author John Grisham’s hit crime story The Client isn’t remembered as one of the better legal thrillers of all-time, but it benefits from a tight script, and an array of impressive turns from folks like Tommy Lee Jones and Mary Louise Parker.

At the very center of the story are Susan Sarandon and the late Brad Renfro as Reggie Love and Mark Sway, respectively.  Mark is a young Memphis boy who witnesses the suicide of a prominent mob lawyer and finds himself in the crosshairs of the FBI and a politically-ambitious District Attorney.  With no where else to turn, he looks to Reggie, a lawyer who takes the boy on as a client and works hard to protect the boy from not only a trigger-happy mafia, but a cadre of agenda-driven officials at the highest levels of power.

Sarandon commands the screen with a juicy role that gives her a chance to rub shoulders with the always-intimidating Tommy Lee Jones, and delivers a maternal and feisty performance that deserves a spot on this list.  The script, from writer Akiva Goldsman, stays true to the righteousness of Grisham’s lead character and Sarandon is very much on top of her game here.

It’s definitely a must-see… that is, unless you haven’t yet forgiven Schumacher for Batman & Robin.


The Calling is out on DVD and Digital HD on Monday the 16th of February.