Netflix has released a trailer for a new feel-good drama ‘Good Sam’. If only the person who is leaving the $100,000 dollars on people’s doorsteps where real can they make a trip over here, please?

Directed by Kate Melville from a script by Teena Booth and Dete Meserve, the film stars Tiya Sircar, Chad Connell and Marco Grazzini.

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The film is launched on Netflix May 16th

Good Sam Synopsis

Tiya Sircar plays a New York City TV news reporter who regularly puts herself at risk for her stories, much to the dismay of her bosses.

She’s given a seeming puff piece about a mysterious good Samaritan, aka ‘Good Sam,’ who leaves $100,000 in cash on seemingly random doorsteps.

As she sets out to discover the true identity and motive of Good Sam, her personal life is turned upside down in the process.