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With the impressively cast but critically mauled “The Big Wedding” hitting our screens recently (see our rightly unforgiving review here), one’s mind runs to other examples of films that have wound up being significantly less than the sum of their parts.

It’s not enough for a film to feel like it could have done better with its impressive resources, we need to find ourselves in the presence of a genuinely flagrant waste of considerable talent. The anti-12 Angry Men, if you will.

So where do we start? With the granddaddy, of course:-

rancid aluminium

Rancid Aluminium

Rhys Ifans, Joseph Fiennes, Steven Berkoff, Sadie Frost, Tara Fitzgerald – all excellent actors with sterling work under their respective belts. But goodness me, what a car-wreck.

Managing to recoup about a tenth of its $12m budget, Rancid Aluminium’s tale of a man getting caught up with the Russian mafia is horrendously misconceived, lacking any charm, intelligence, grit, nuance or talent. It tries to be an urban crime drama, but just feels like an overblown episode of a soap opera.

Some of this cast have appeared in some pretty shameful tat, but this is the nadir of nadirs, a carbuncle on the bottoms of their respective CVs.

Avoid like the plague.

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